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China Comics


Have you ever wondered about what China is REALLY like, outside of those glossy tourist photos? Or, have you spent some time living in China, and when your friends back home ask "So what's it like?" and you find yourself tongue-tied by the enormity of all the differences, large and small? This comic is my attempt to describe China to my friends. This is a collection of 24 single-page stand-alone comics describing my observations and daily life in China. It's a a great primer on some of the quirks of Chinese life.

See original online version of the comics, and a comparison of the online and print version to see what you're getting.

I'm happy to sign it however you like -- just tell me if you'd like it made out to someone in particular.

I'm also happy to throw in a laminated single print of a specific page for free when you order. Please specify in the comments.

If you are in the SF Bay Area, you can pick them up from me. Otherwise, standard is Media Mail, and Priority Mail is in a flatrate envelope.



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